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NHS Health Checks

Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or kidney disease. But these diseases can often be prevented, and NHS Health Check can help you by assessing your risk and giving you personalised advice on how to reduce it.

The NHS Health Check is for adults in England between the ages of 40 and 74. The NHS Health Check involves a few straightforward health tests and some simple questions about your medical history. Please ask at reception for more information. 

Annual Health Reviews

Annual Health Review Checks are an important way for us to monitor your health. 

We would like to undertake your annual review during the month of your birthday so please remember to book an appointment for a time convenient for you.

Do we have your mobile phone number? We can send an appointment reminder during the month of your birthday.

Travel Immunisation

For travel immunisation advice or to book an appointment, please contact the Practice on telephone: 0151 295 9393. Please give as much information you can to allow time allocated with the nurse. To ensure your injections are fully effective you will need at least 3 or 4 weeks timescale to have your injection (s). 

This includes:

  • Place of Travel
  • How long you intend to travel / stay
  • Accommodation - Hotel or other
  • Date when travelling

Continence Clinic

A continence clinic is held at Queens Drive Family Health Centre which is located on Moor Lane, Liverpool, L4 6XG. The Clinic is held on Thursdays from 1 - 3 pm. For further information, please tel:  0151 525 1522.

Contraception / Family Planning 

Contraception and family planning advice can be obtained from the Abacus or the Brook clinics, the contact details for which can be found below:


Citrus House 
40-46 Dale Street 
City Centre (corner of Dale St / Stanley St)   Tel: 0151 284 2500

The Brook

81 London Road 
City Centre (opposite Laser Schoolwear) 
0151 207 4000 
Visit the Brook website

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A daily clinic is held at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. For further information or to book an appointment, please tel: 0151 706 2621.

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Prescot Street 
L7 8XP 
View map

Baby Foods Available

For further information, please contact either Bousefield Health Centre on tel: 
0151 207 6883  or The Breckfield Centre on tel: 0151 288 0413. Available  Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm.

Chiropody Self Referral

For further information, please contact either Vauxhall Health Centre on tel: 0151 207 5571 or Netherfield Road Health Centre on tel 0151 207 3263.  

Learning disabilities


Improving patient experience is a key priority in the Government's vision and is set out in the White Paper "Equity and Excellence". The 2012/13 Operating Framework made clear the priority for the NHS to put the patient centre-stage and to have a focus on improving patient experience:

"NHS organisations must actively seek out, respond positively and improve services in line with patient feedback. This includes acting on complaints, patient comments, local and national surveys and results from "real time" data techniques.

The national patient experience surveys should continue to be monitored and acted upon. In addition, as part of the National Standard Contract we shall expect each local organisation to carry out more frequent local patient surveys, including using "real time" data techniques, to publish the results - including data on complaints - and to respond appropriately where improvements need to be made." The Friends and Family Test aims to provide a simple, headline metric which, when combined with follow-up questions, can be used to drive cultural change and continuous improvements in the quality of the care received by NHS patients.

The Question

"How likely are you to recommend our practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

The Answers

A scale of answer options must be used from extremely unlikely to extremely likely.

Reporting Requirements

The practice will produce a monthly report and add it to the website and display using a poster in the waiting room to allow patients to read the comments and hear what we did to help improve our standards and care.

We really value you comments and would be very grateful if you could take a few seconds of your time completing the single sheet form to help complete our survey.

Please click on this link

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form .

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